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Join The 6-Week Full Body Transformation Challenge

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Here's How Premia Fitness Works

Premia Fitness is a fitness transformation program with everything you need including fat-torching workouts, customizable nutrition plans, the best in-studio tech, and expert coaching to answer any questions you have.

You'll enjoy a workout program that not only focuses on fat loss but also consists of functional movements throughout our workouts giving you durability in daily life.

Each 30-minute session works the whole body for maximum results and is proven to burn up to 600 calories in just one workout. Workouts include a full mix of cardio, functional movements, muscle toning, and balance to give you full-body health and fitness results.

These workouts are designed to deliver results fast, in a simple, easy to follow, and FUN workout routine. 

You will love that every workout is different which helps you stay challenged and never feel bored.

Plus, by following our customizable nutrition plans, you'll speed up your transformation without complicated diets or calorie counting.

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We're located at 113 SW 5th Ave, Okeechobee, FL 34974

Frequently Asked Questions  

When can I start?  

You can come in during coaches' hours to try a workout, learn about the program, set your goal, and get started. After that, you can come into the studio anytime 24/7 using the app to open the door.

What all is included?  

With your membership, you get... 

  • A brand new workout each day designed by a certified trainer and performance enhancement specialist  
  • Body Composition Assessments that gives you the full picture of your current fitness level and helps you set realistic goals  
  • Nutritional Plan specifically designed for members and their workout schedule 
  • Guidance from trainers during each workout, and 
  • Accountability to set and achieve your fitness goals. 

What are the days and times?  

24/7 Member Access
Active members can scan their app to open the door and do the workout anytime day or night.

It's been a while since I last worked out, will it be too hard for me?  

Premia Fitness classes can be modified to meet all fitness levels and all ages, from the elite to just getting started.